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Dancing In A Winter Wonderland [Casúr]

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Dancing In A Winter Wonderland [Casúr]

Post by Alora on Sun Dec 23, 2012 3:00 pm

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane, snow is glistening. A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight, dancing in a winter wonderland...

The snow had decided that it was the perfect time to start its lazy descent as Alora left the house and made her way to the awaiting sleigh. Tonight was the night of the annual Midwinter Ball and the female was really looking forward to tonight. Especially since tonight she'd be going with Casúr.

Iridessa happened to be out of town, something to do with new fabrics and dress commissions Alora had heard down the grapevine. The blacksmith grapevine, but grapevine nonetheless. So the two had decided to go together.

Don't get your hopes up. Just don't. You're only going as friends, y'hear? As friends, Alora! Nothing more.

She removed her midnight blue cloak to show Altaira the outfit. The younger girl had agreed to stay late tonight to ready Apollo and Artemis for their trip to the ball. It took the young blonde a moment to realise that Alora was standing right behind her. It was only when Artemis gave a soft whicker and Apollo made his agreement known with a nod and snort that Altaira turned around. "Oh Alora, you look beautiful!"

The older blonde beamed at the compliment, blushing ever-so-slightly. Tonight she was wearing a floor-length navy gown studded with jewels and atop her blonde locks was fixed a wreath of flowers the same shade of blue as her gown. "Thank you, sweetpea. And thank you for getting the twins ready," she said in reference to her beloved horses. Doing her cloak back up again to keep out the chill, she gave the girl a tight hug and got into the sleigh. A parting sentiment of "Enjoy your night, hun!" was called out before Alora rushed off, the bells on the sleigh jingling merrily.

Next stop - Casúr's....

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Re: Dancing In A Winter Wonderland [Casúr]

Post by Casúr Sciath on Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:50 am

Cas tightened his neck-tie with a grimace. Rarely did he have to dress up in anything other than rough linen or leather, and the foreign materials, silk and soft wool, felt ridiculous and extremely fragile. The burly man had to ensure his arm movements weren't too swift, he was so terrified of something ripping before the ball.

The man turned and looked in the mirror, flicking the final touch from the hat stand and placing it on his head. "Tha' outta do it.." he grumbled. Put a smile on, Cas, it's the mid-winter after all... his mind scolded, forcing him to stand up straight and smile at his reflection.

"Knowin' Lora, she'll be in blue..." he reminded himself, pulling a blue handkerchief from the drawer and tucking it unceremoniously into his breast pocket. Tha' actually looks alright. he smiled to himself, rearranging the suit jacket and posing just a little bit, pulling his arms in and smiling cheesily. less teeth...
He obliged.
He looked slightly less like a werewolf - more like the blacksmith he was. His hard mouth pulling up subtly at the edges.
Perfect. Now, go pull on your coat and meet the girl, would ya?

His mind and he had an interesting relationship. Less like one and the same, one side would 'suggest' to the other and try get things done properly...

He pulled on a heavy woolen coat, and strode out onto the porch, closing his door and locking the houseas he did so.

He slumped down on the bench outside, and waited for the girl patiently. It was only 6o'clock, as she asked, and they had a while 'fore the ball.
Casúr Sciath

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