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Yule Shopping ~ Kiara

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Yule Shopping ~ Kiara

Post by Lisette Draíochta on Sat Dec 15, 2012 5:57 am

With a soft knock on the bedroom door, Lisette pushed the oak door open with her hip and entered. She smiled at the dozing figure on the bed, stood and watched her for a moment.

I'm so lucky. She could have picked anyone else, and yet she chose me...

Quietly trotting over to the bed, careful not to upset the tray which she was holding she leaned over, placing a soft kiss on the brunette's cheek. "Kiara... Kiara wake up. I got you breakfast," the gir quietly announced, almost radiating sunshine. This morning the blonde had gotten up early and prepared a breakfast for her lover. French toast with raspberries on top, with a delicate glass filled with mulled wine.

"Kiara, wake up my sweet. Besides, you promised we'd go out and get a Yule tree today," she added, placing the tray on Kiara's bedside table and nuzzling the brunette awake. "Don't tell me you've forgotten..."

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Re: Yule Shopping ~ Kiara

Post by Kiara on Sat Dec 15, 2012 6:35 am

Kiara sleepily opened her eyes.

"Good morning, sunshine.." she said, rolling over and planting a kiss on the girl's lips. "Now, what have you gone and done here? Sweet toast and mulled wine? Ooh, you star!!!"
Kiara's eyes lit up, blue eyes sparkling in the morning light.
Sitting up, her chest barely covered in the blankets of the bed, she placed the tray on the night stand and pulled Lisette in for a kiss. Wrapping her arms around the girl, she held her close.

Pulling back, she blushed and looked down, abashed. "Thank you for this.." she whispered quietly, making room for the blonde to join her in the bed. "Come in, I dont want you catching a cold..!" she said, recovering the tray of food and tucking in, sipping at the mulled wine.

The red on her cheeks only got greater as the girl joined her. She could feel the cold rushing up her legs, the feeling of her skin against Lisette's...

She focused extremely on the food, letting her legs cross tightly under the covers.

"Of course we'll gt a tree, my love. After all, it wouldn't be the midwinter without it. And besides, where else would we put your and your sister's presents?"

Finishing up the food, she slid out of bed. The covers fell away to show her form as she lazily slinked from the bed to the wardrobe, and pulled on a gown.
"But, my dear, whatever shall I wear..?"

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Re: Yule Shopping ~ Kiara

Post by Lisette Draíochta on Sat Dec 15, 2012 7:54 am

Lisette giggled as Kiara pulled her close for a kiss. It was all so wonderful, so wonderful and exciting. She'd never actually imagined that something like this would happen. That not only would she and her sister actually have a proper place to live, but that she'd be together with Kiara.

At the invitation, she slipped in between the sheets next to the stunning brunette, cuddling up to her. She let her toes run up and down the female's calf while Kiara ate, purposely trying to distract the female. What's the fun in breakfast if there are no distractions?

"Yaay! We're getting a tree, we're getting a tree!" the girl chanted happily, bouncing up and down on the bed. Ever since their parents had been killed, the Draíochta sisters had never had a proper tree for midwinter. Usually one of their friends, such as Alora would gift them a small tree, but it just wasn't the same. "Wait, we're getting presents too?" the girl stopped bouncing long enough to look at Kiara with surprise. "Kiara, you really don't have to. You've already done more than enough taking Altaira and me in."

She watched the gorgeous woman get up, marvelling as usual at her stunning body. That flawless body that she got to touch and caress when doors were closed and they were all alone. The one that seemed to feel so much more right when pressed against her than any male's.

The blonde thought about Kiara's question for a moment. "Well, tis the season, and you do look amazing in red..." she commented, stealing a raspberry and popping it into her mouth. Ohgods that is amazing...

"So I think you should wear..." she bounced up off the bed and skipped over to Kiara's ginourmous wardrobe, rooting around in it, "this," she announced, handing the brunette a brocaded red corset. She dived back into the wardrobe and emerged a second later holding a floor-length black skirt which she also presented to its owner. "And this." She gave a satisfied nod before resuming her spot on the bed and watching Kiara getting ready. "Add your red cape to the mix and you'll be turning heads all day," she added with a chuckle, sneakily pinching yet another raspberry from the plate.

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Re: Yule Shopping ~ Kiara

Post by Kiara on Sun Dec 16, 2012 3:58 am

Kiara grinned, and threw the clothing onto a nearby chair. Watching the girl slide under the covers, the woman stalked over, flaunting every centimeter of skin on show. Climbing onto the end of the bed, she crawled towards the blonde, shaking her hair messily about.

"Of course you two get your presents... Yours comes first..."
Kiara licked her lips, then pounced onto the blonde, letting her body show strength as she pinned her down and kissed her passionately. She let her leg slide between Lisettes, and pushed up to her crotch. Her chest pressed down onto the girls. But she soon withdrew, smiling her wicked smile.

"Well, soon, anyway. Your sister will be awake in a couple of hours, and we should get the tree done before then."

Kiara slid slowly down the bed, letting her body press against Lisette's as she did so. Withdrawing off of the warmth and comfort, she pulled the skirt up her legs, pressed her breasts into the corset (so to be pushed up and show-off-y). With a smile, she looked at the girl, and asked sweetly,
"Honey, can you do me up..?"

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Re: Yule Shopping ~ Kiara

Post by Lisette Draíochta on Mon Dec 17, 2012 4:01 am

Lisette blushed at Kiara's show. She wasn't used to it yet - Kiara's love of flaunting and showing-off. Not that Lisette minded, no, not one bit. But all the attention that she was getting - well, it took some getting used to.

A string of giggles left the girl's throat as Kiara pressed her body up against hers. "Kiara...! We're supposed to be-" the sentence went unfinished when a quiet moan escaped the blonde's lips.

As Kiara got off of her, Lisette's body went into protest, wanting to have Kiara close to her once again, to hold and cuddle her. But her beauty was already getting ready and all Lisette could do was watch. She's such a tease, Lisette thought with a smile. And I love every minute of it...!

At the woman's request, Lisette got up, grinning. "Anything for you," she replied, placing a kiss on Kiara's bare shoulder before beginning to lace her up. "How tight should I go? Keeping in mind that I hear being able to breath is a great thing nowadays," she teased.

"So...speaking of presents - what would you like for Yule?" she asked after a moment's pause, working at the corset and not looking up at her lover. The blonde had been saving up money, wanting to get Kiara a wonderfully special gift, but so far she hadn't yet found the perfect item. Well, maybe she can help shed some light onto this... "I want to get you something...perfect," she mumbled shyly.

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Re: Yule Shopping ~ Kiara

Post by Kiara on Thu Dec 20, 2012 4:59 am

Kiara let a breath escape her lips as the girl's fingers ran along her chest, as the kiss landed on her shoulder. Breathing in, she smiled, and whispered to the the girl,
"As tight as you want, my dear.. Let's see if we can woo some storekeepers into lowering prices a little bit, huh?"
She couldn't help but giggle. The way most men's faces went when she walked into the room did wonders for her ego. And her purse.

As the corset tightened around her chest, she breathed out, gently, onto Lisette's face.
The smell of mulled wine off of it was glorious indeed. And was potentially a little alcoholic...

"Honey," she whispered, worry on her face, "Don't worry about me, honestly. I have a good source of coinage with my work, I don't have anyone else to buy for..."

"And, to let you know, I will definitely only be getting decorations and a present for your sister. None of this knowing-what-your-present-is nonsense with me in this house, my dear." She grinned, kissing Lisette on the nose, and working her way down to her collar bone.
"Besides, where's the fun in Yule with knowing?" she giggled, kissing the top of the girl's breasts before whirling away to find a pair of black or red heels.

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Re: Yule Shopping ~ Kiara

Post by Lisette Draíochta on Wed Feb 13, 2013 4:52 pm

The softest of growls escaped Lisette's lips at Kiara's words. Kiara was beautiful - no, not just beautiful - stunning. And it wasn't just Lisette's biased thinking either - she'd seen how jaws dropped whenever Kiara entered a room. Men, women, hell even her own class had drooled over the stunning teacher.

With so much attention constantly surrounding the raven-haired beauty, Lisette had often wondered exactly why Kiara was with her. She could be with anyone she chose; all she had to do was flutter her lashes and they'd be jelly in her perfectly-manicured hands. The blonde held onto the hope that she wasn't just another notch on Kiara's bedpost, that this was indeed something special. Lisette craved that - after all the pain and heartache life had bestowed upon her, all she wanted was to be loved, genuinely loved.

That wasn't to say that the blonde honestly believed that Kiara was toying with her, was simply playing a game of cat-and-mouse. Lisette was simply too protective over her lover, and the gawking of strangers didn't help.

"Kiara..." Her voice was barely above a murmur and a hint of pleading found its way into that one word. She knew that she was being selfish, but she didn't want to hear about the unsubtle store-keepers. It was enough that she was going to have to witness it later, and have to strongly resist the urge to throw fire balls at the buggers.

"Anyway, I want to get you something," she replied, heading over to the bed and plonking herself down onto it. Falling back, she ran her fingers over her face, massaging her eyes with her fingertips. "You've done so much for Altaira and I... Besides," she propped herself up on her elbows, watching Kiara as the female rummaged around in the closet in search of shoes, "you're amazing and wonderful and I want to get you something. Something that will always remind you of me, even if we're apart..."

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Re: Yule Shopping ~ Kiara

Post by Kiara on Wed Jul 31, 2013 3:59 pm

Kiara definitely didn't miss the growl that escaped Lisette's lips when she spoke. A small smile appeared on Kiara's lips as she heard it, although she didn't say anything. She knew that Lisette truly loved her...it was easy to tell, after all. Something in Kiara's stomach flipped a little bit the moment she heard her name. It wasn't the name that made her stomach flip, it was the way it had been said, although she wasn't sure exactly why that had caused her to feel a little strange, even though it was in a good way.

She listened to Lisette's words as she went through her closet, looking for shoes. A small sigh escaped her lips and she turned to look at her. Lisette. Beautiful, sweet, determined Lisette. Kiara knew she was never going to convince Lisette not to get her anything. So, within a few moments she was nodding. "All right, then. If you're absolutely sure you want to get me something then I won't stop you, but you don't have to go to great lengths. I'll be happy with anything from you." Kiara told her, and with a small wink, Kiara turned back to her closet.

Kiara, even though she knew Lisette loved her, wasn't sure how far her feelings went. She wasn't really the monogamous type, although hell, some days with Lisette made her wonder about turning that. She shook the thoughts away, pushing them firmly to the back of her mind. She pulled out some red heels and grinned, turning to Lisette. "Here we are! They'll go perfectly, don't you think?" she said. Without waiting for an answer, Kiara slipped the heels onto her feet.

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Re: Yule Shopping ~ Kiara

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