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Calypso's Little Ducklings (WIP)

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Calypso's Little Ducklings (WIP)

Post by Arielle Riviera on Mon Aug 25, 2014 5:11 am

Calypso's Little Ducklings

alice carroll liddell, twenty-one, alexandra stanHatter's Tea Party waitress
plot ad still in progress

alora reiterin, twenty-five, delta goodremstables owner
application still in progress
plot ad still in progress

arielle riviera, twenty-two, karen gillanmermaid princess and part-time student
plot ad still in progress

fenix aescar, twenty-three, arthur darvillhealer
plot ad still in progress

lilith rapunzel rhydderch, twenty-three, katy angelprincess
plot ad still in progress

lisette ariana draíochta, twenty-one, emily browningstudent
application (WIP)
plot ad still in progress

maleficent tenebrae cataegis, thirty-three, megan foxsorceress
plot ad still in progress

alice liddell
we're all mad here, streets of armonía, the hatter
you're all late for tea!, the mad hatter's tea party, sebastian lumièrès
tea time?, the mad hatter's tea party, luna moon
tea time!, the mad hatter's tea party, alastoria ivanesca
there is no you in hero, the dark fringes, the cheshire cat

alora reiterin
finding home, sniegsmetsä forest, alastoria ivanesca
trotting through the trees, sniegsmetsä forest, sicarius and james mercer
sunbathing and leisure, neptune ocean, christian torres
there is no you in hero, the dark fringes, the cheshire cat

arielle riviera

fenix aescar
forest meeting, sniegsmetsä forest, taryn
nightmares, streets of armonia, sebastian lumièrès
'hello' is always a good way to begin, streets of armonia, luna hawthorne
may i have this dance?, kiara's academy of magic, taryn

lilith rydderch
we have changed, nancy's tavern, james mercer
out of the storm, nancy's tavern, sicarius and alastoria ivanesca
come in from the cold, sugar, nancy's tavern, malthael
having fun, nancy's tavern, taryn and sebastian lumièrès

lisette draíochta

maleficent cataegis
journeying north, the dark fringes, king tyrannus

alice liddell
i like rabbits, especially white ones, animal emporium, ivy moon

alora reiterin
the hammer and shield, snámhtirgus floating market, casúr sciath
dancing in a winter wonderland, kiara's academy of magic, casúr sciath

arielle riviera

fenix aescar
forest meeting, sniegsmetsä forest, taryn
retail therapy, daegonna's apothecary, ivy moon

lilith rydderch

lisette draíochta

maleficent cataegis

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