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There Is No You, In Hero // Alice

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There Is No You, In Hero // Alice

Post by The Cheshire Cat on Fri Aug 30, 2013 11:08 am

Wonderland had fallen to the armies, had fallen to the new threat. All of Wonderland stood and battled desperatly for their homeland. They had nothing left to lose, but themselves. And so they did, wave after wave of armies launched themselves at Wonderland polluting the land. Drying the ground, darkening the skies with their mere presence. Or so he was told, as The Cheshire Cat had run from the first sight of the oncoming armies. Wonderland was lost, and there was nothing he could do.

Besides, The Cheshire Cat purred, he so disliked violence. He flicked a tail, aggravated by the very idea of losing Wonderland. The Cheshire Cat levitated in the sky, walking in what seemed to be in place but moving through the sky. The Cheshire Cat walked beside his replacement Alice as he so called her. She was as aimless and easy to persuade as Alice. She was in a red and bright dress, not to The Cheshire Cat's liking at all. Far to bright... He prefered blue with white apron.. Oh, how he missed Alice.

They were ambushed, as quickly as the night struck. His replacement Alice took out the Vorpal Blade and brandished it to the many foes that had them surrounded. No, he did not care for this at all. The Cheshire Cat covered his own eyes with his tail, teleporting away. If his replacement Alice was to save Wonderland, she would have to hold her own.

When he arrived a few minutes later, he appeared on the ground sitting with his tail flickering behind his head. Surveying the situation, his 'Alice' lay dead at his feet. The Cheshire Cat's ears laid down flat to his skull, and he started to disappear with a shake of his head in disappointment but one of the foes caught him by the back of the neck, picking him up as though he was a common house cat.

With a hiss, he took a swipe at the foe cutting the man deep down the side of the face three ways. To which he simply laughed, and tossed the cat into a mud hole. The Cheshire Cat didn't have enough time to teleport, and the fact his replacement Alice had failed left him distracted. Landing with a yowl, the mud splashed up and all over the cat. It was thick, and stank like death itself.

He could never save Wonderland, his Alice would never return. The Cheshire Cat climbed out, limping a bit he wrapped his paws around the Vorpal blade as the foes tried to take it. With a wink, he teleported away and to a safe distance.

He reclined in a nearby tree branch, waving his tail to and fro in front of the vorpal blade until it disappeared by his own hand. To a safe place, until he could find 'Alice'. If he found his... The Cheshire Cat he pouted, laying down on the branch and laying his cheek along it. His tail swishing to and fro, nothing came to those who gave up so easily, but he was tired... And he would simply wait for his 'Alice' to return. Wonderland was destroyed, she was needed... She had to come.
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