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Legendary Tales

Post by Illyann on Sun Aug 25, 2013 7:01 pm

twenty-one years the Dark Lord's reign had infected the World with
terror and despair from his throne in the conquered land of Aedonia. The
‘Triad’ that remained of the ‘Great Alliance’: Tyrov, Dorn, and Evora,
witnessed a never-ending war on their borders. But from the darkness of
hopelessness, faith sprung forth and a new hope was found within the
‘Prophecy of Ages’. The Blue Dragon and, his wife, the Golden Rose led
all the powers of the ‘Triad’ to victory over the Dark Forces. Daemon
Blaze, the Dark Lord and his Black Queen, Vylaska Saaerivik, were
finally destroyed and Dragon Mount was reborn.

It has been seven
years since that Great Battle of Madyrn and now Dragon Mount is
restored, the ‘Great Alliance’ has been reunited, and the nations of the
World rejoice for the end of the Dark Times. But all is not well and
shadows that have lingered in the darkness begin to spread throughout
the world, tainting everything they touch. Remnants of the Dark Forces
remain and plague the realms, forcing them to never forget the hardships
of the past. A Pirate King threatens the World with his mighty fleet
and leaves nothing but fear and death in his wake. The Shiver Sea is
besieged by war and brings battle to every nation's shores.

are whispered in the dark of a force ancient and terrible which is
soaked in the blood of eons and bathed in the darkness of night. The
vampires roam the World in search of blood and domination over mortals;
their attacks to the main lands are more fierce and terrible than ever.
Their King waits and builds up his numbers and support until the time is
right to strike. Despite this, the vampires continue to strike fear
into the heart of every nation.
Also, a land within the Unknown
called Sidyu, the ‘Land of Demons’ has been overcome by a strange new
power… What horrors lie in wait for the unwary?! Another war is coming,
but when, where and how the first blow will be struck remains a mystery
to all.

With the world besieged by shadows and darkness, the hope
of many falls on the shoulders of the few. The peoples of the world
wait and watch, hoping to be saved as brave warriors, mages, rogues and
royalty struggle to combat these tides of evil. But only one question

Where will you stand?

What We Offer:
-A very friendly, helpful and fun loving group of Admins & Members
-A variety of races, ranks and nationalities to choose from when creating your character
-An organized and simple to use site that is easy on the eyes
-Detailed & useful information provided, explaining our fantasy world
-The ability to use magic with information on how it works
-Graphics for visual enhancement
-The site is very active but not too crowded & has lots of boards to RP on
-Good Role Players who've been Role-playing for 3 years+ & are creative
-Plenty of high position characters available for play
-We accept any and all romantic preferences
-A Chat Box for discussions, questions, ideas & general OOC convo's
-And last but not least; A place to have fun, write with others & be yourself!

Current Events

If so, please click on our link at the top of our page and it will lead
you to our main page. Or you can click the link below which will lead
to our informative and helpful guided tour!



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