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the strange get stranger [IF]

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the strange get stranger [IF]

Post by rook on Thu Jul 04, 2013 8:34 pm


This is The Strange Get Stranger, where, unsurprisingly, the strange do indeed get stranger. The world as we know it is not alone. The universe with our Earth is only one of many parallel universes, and due to a twinkling of space magic activated in one particular alternate reality, Earth has been connected with its twin. Its magic twin - Teravis.

You can call it Other Earth. It is the world as we know it in physical form, the timelines altered so that the few and far between pieces of technology are focused around magic rather than electricity, and the people are, well, Strangers. The humans of Other Earth are distant relatives of our modern world, and they are accompanied by elves, dwarves, halflings, and other races. Magic is abundant and, best of all, easily accessed.

And guess what? So is Other Earth. Earth has been in contact with Teravis for roughly fifty years, and after a few small scuffles, an alliance has been reached. Members of both worlds are free to travel in between Earth and Other Earth via the trains, the subway lines that lead to the portals between worlds. And only for the price only slightly more than a regular train pass - how neat!


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