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Magic Trinkets Pt. 1 ~ Gemstones

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Magic Trinkets Pt. 1 ~ Gemstones

Post by Arielle Riviera on Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:17 am

Here's where you can buy trinkets to help you in your magic. As you know, casting spells takes energy from the caster. The bigger the spell, the more energy is used up. Voluntary transformations (from human into animal, for example) use up energy as well. To combat this somewhat, many magicians carry trinkets with them which have energy stored into them, but need to be charged every time that energy is drained. This can be done in two ways: either by instilling the life-force of a sacrificed animal into it, or by an energy-sacrifice where the wearer drains himself of the majority of his energy and captures it in the trinket. Recovery for the second option usually takes about a day with full rest.  

The pendants can slowly regenerate power by themselves, but this is a lengthy process that can take days or weeks to reach full. Magical energy leaked from the person will be reimbursed at a steady rate from the trinket. They cannot gift enough energy fast enough to change the balance's orders, so energy will be taken from the caster, but less than without the trinket. If you have more than one trinket, that does not mean that your energy won't be taken, it just means that the regenerative process will be faster. 

Although in every day-to-day casting every stone and crystal will do a brilliant job, you may want to consider buying a stone that reflects either your character's magic style/type (e.g. healing stones for Healers, wisdom stones for teachers, etc), or a stone with attributes that you want you character to develop. Over the trinket's life-time, the more use it gets and the more attuned owner and trinket become, the trinket will release subtle energies to its owner. In simpler terms that means that if a person is shy, for example, but wear a Citrine or Topaz ring (stones that promote confidence) then over time the wearer will find it easier to come out of their shell and can become more confident.

Here are the prices:
Gemstone NecklacesPriceProperties
Citrine $2200 Most powerful cleanser and regenerator. Absorbs and dissipates negative energy. A stone of abundance, it teaches how to attract prosperity and success. Encourages sharing of what you have. Imparts joy to its wearer, promoting joy in life. Raises confidence, self-esteem and removes destructive tendencies. Improves motivation and creativity. Enhances concentration and is excellent for overcoming depression, fears and phobias. Overcomes fear of responsibility and stops anger.
Emerald$1900Stone of inspiration and infinite patience. Brings domestic bliss and loyalty. Enhances unity, unconditional love, partnership and promotes friendship. Gives strength of character to overcome misfortunes in life. A stone of recovery that can heal negative emotions. Imparts mental clarity, strengthens memory and inspires a deep inner knowing. A wisdom stone, promoting truth and aiding eloquent expression.
Garnet$1600A protection stone. Activates and strengthens the survival instinct, bringing courage and hope. Promotes mutual assitance in times of trouble. Revitalizes, purifies and balances energy, bringing serentity or passion as appropriate. Inspires love and devotion. Helps let go of useless or old ideas. Removes inhibitions and taboos, opens the heart and bestows confidence.
Peridot$1700Cleansing stone. Opens and cleanses the heart to rid it of "old baggage" by teaching that holding onto the past is counter-productive. Burdens, guilts and obsessions are cleared. Alleviates jealousy, resentment, spite, anger and reduces stress. Enhances confidence and assertion without aggression. Motivates growth and sharpens the mind. Banishes lethargy and can help in difficult relationships.
Ruby $2000Encourages passion for life and improves motivation. A powerful shield against vampirism of heart energy. Promotes positive dreams and encourages removal of anything negative from your path. Encourages a positive and courageous state of mind, sharpening the mind and aiding concentration. Charges up passion and fires the enthusiasm. Overcomes exhaustion and lethargy.
*Sapphire$1800Wisdom stone. Focuses and calms the mind, releasing unwanted thoughts and mental tension. Brings peace of mind and serenity. Releases depression and stimulates concentration. Attracts prosperity and gifts. Placed at the throat it releases frustration and facilitates self-expression.
Topaz$1500Mellow emphatic stone. Soothes, heals and stimulates. Promotes truth and forgiveness. Highlights goals and taps into inner resources. Brings joy, generosity, abundance and good health. Stone of love and good fortune, helping to attain goals. Makes the wearer feel confident and philanthropic, wanting to share their sunshine with the world. Promotes honesty and openness. Aids problem-solving and is an excellent emotional support by stabilizing the emotions and making the wearer receptive to love from every source.
Rings are cheaper by $100 dollars, bracelets by $150. I would have put them into a second and third table but the editor wouldn't let me.

*Sapphires come in nine different colours. The different colours have some extra properties that are extensions from the attributes listed. The colour we use here is a blue sapphire. If you are want a different coloured sapphire, just let me know. Please be sure to research it.

Necklaces and rings are the most powerful form of restorative trinket. Bracelets are weaker and are slower than the former two in restoring energy, however at the end of the day, all three types of jewellery will restore your energy. Many magicians prefer pendants and necklaces rather than rings simply because they don't get in the way and leave your hands free when you're casting, plus they're also not as easy to lose.

Necklaces and rings come either in gold or silver and the buyer can choose which one they want. Bracelets are made in silver but can be made in gold for $20 extra. If you want some different kind of metal for your trinket, talk to me and I'll see what I can do.

I, [i]*insert character name here*[/i] wish to buy [b]*insert item here*[/b] in [i]silver/gold (whichever one applies)[/i].
If you really want to buy a trinket but find yourself short by (no more than) $150, I will let you buy the said item but your character will go into debt until they pay it off by posting.

Characters can have a maximum of three pendants, one for each type of jewellery. Jewellery can be sold back and half of the money of the original price will be returned back to you.

All crystal properties were found in the amazing book "The Crystal Bible" by Judy Hall, 2003. If you want to read up on crystals, I really really recommend it. It's a well-written and very informative book!

Part 2 - Crystals, is in the process of being written, so if none of these take your fancy then just check there.

Arielle Riviera

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