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A Hospital Meeting ~ Rorie

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A Hospital Meeting ~ Rorie

Post by Lisette Draíochta on Tue Jul 02, 2013 1:39 pm

A cry of pain escaped Lisette's lips as the carriage flew over a bump and jolted her. She looked down at her arm which was in a makeshift sling, thanks to Elendíl. The frown that crossed her pretty features couldn't be helped - she was thoroughly annoyed at herself. Forget  the fact that she was also in a world of pain; that didn't matter as much. She'd been sparring with a fellow student, the pair of them practising with wooden swords. It had been an interesting fight, with lots of attacks from both sides. In the final seconds her partner had leaped into the air, bringing his sword up above his head.  Lisette had neither parried or dodged in time, which resulted in almighty blow to her sword-arm. The crunch of wood against bone had been rather sickening.

The students at Elendíl's school had long figured out that the only way to survive classes was either to stock up on potions from Daegonna's, or to learn many a protective spell. There was simply no other way if you wanted to remain without major scars and traumas. Obviously Lisette's spells tonight had just not been strong enough. To say that she was frustrated at herself because of it was quite an understatement.

Finally, the carriage pulled up outside the hospital and with a mumble of thanks to the driver, Lisette exited. Walking up to the main entrance, the blonde looked forlornly at her broken arm. Not even Kiara's powerful magic would be able to help it heal any faster. The magic of the Healers might help (after all, it was their specialty) but even with their help, the blonde feared that it would take a good couple of weeks to return to a functioning state and that was Lisette's biggest annoyance with the situation. Until it healed, she wouldn't be able to do anything. She'd have to be babied about and have everything done for her. Kiara and Altaira would have to help her get dressed and undressed (though no doubt Kiara would certainly not be complaining about the latter), feed her, make sure that somehow her lesson notes would be written. Those were all minor things in Lisette's grudge book, however. The major one was that she wouldn't be able to swordfight and that absolutely killed her. 

She plonked herself down onto a seat in the waiting area, watching various Healers rushing about with their apprentices glued to their sides. The waiting area wasn't as busy as Lisette had expected, which was a nice silver lining to this wretched situation. She looked around the beautiful building as she waited. It  really was a sight to behold. It was an ancient Gothic-style three-storey building, so old that there were frequently debates as to when it first opened. The bottom floor was home to the offices of the Healers that worked there, the old masters who had been there for many a decade. Their offices were large and spacious, and yet somehow retained a feeling of cosiness that could instantly put a patient at ease. The second floor housed the overnight and long-term patients while the top floor was home to the apprentices. On the grounds of the hospital, to the left and right of the majestic building, were two-bedroom cottages, most covered in some sort of flowering fauna. These cottages belonged to the master Healers.

With some difficulty, Lisette pulled out a textbook out of her canvas backpack and flipped to the chapter that Kiara had assigned to them tonight. She began reading as she waited, very much hoping that she wouldn't have to be waiting all evening.

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Re: A Hospital Meeting ~ Rorie

Post by Rorie Star on Wed Jul 03, 2013 1:48 am

So far, Rorie's day had been pretty quiet and, needless to say, rather boring. She had almost finished all her work being a trainee and soon enough, she had to do her first test run being a Healer. Once that was done, there were only a few more things and then Rorie would be a proper Healer. Rorie was absolutely ecstatic and frankly she couldn't be happier. May had been extremely supportive about all of this and that made Rorie happy, as well; May was very clearly not an ordinary teenager.

Rorie was sitting in the lounge, sketching absently in a textbook she had been given by May. She closed it and put it in her bag with a sigh, unable to keep ti up. She leaned back against the surprisingly comfortable chair and sort of glanced down at the table, thinking hard. She had nothing to do and she really wanted something. Everyone she had asked today had told her to wait, and at some point someone would have need of her help.

Seriously annoyed by everyone's patronizing and fake-patient smiles by this point. Rorie had stopped bothering and she had just gone to sit in the lounge. Another seriously irritated sigh escaped Rorie's lips as she glanced up at the ceiling. Blank and boring, just like everything else seemed at the moment. Rorie was just about to give up completely when a Healer stuck their head in and told her it was a perfect opportunity to do her test-run. Excited, Rorie instantly forgot her bored attitude, left her bag in the usual place and set off after the Healer who had spoken to her.

Rorie took the hairband she had on her wrist off and tied her hair into a neat ponytail, so it was out of the way. The Healer leading Rorie pointed ahead, where a young blonde woman was sitting in the waiting area, reading a textbook. "I assume you know what to do." the Healer said, and without waiting to see how Rorie would respond, she rushed off. Rorie raised her eyebrows after her, pulling a face. "So patronizing. Typical." she muttered in annoyance, but then a smile forced it's way onto her face as she faced the front again. This was her actual test run. She could use her skills and finally heal someone, proving herself worthy of being a Healer. It was extremely exciting...and Rorie also realized the young woman was being kept waiting. Knowing how annoying that could be, Rorie approached the woman and cleared her throat, her smile still genuinely on her features.

"Hey there! Rorie Star, trainee Healer, how may I help you?" Rorie asked, in her polite voice. She was excited, but she was managing to conceal it well enough. Sure, there was probably a sparkle in her eyes or something, but hey, she wasn't jumping up and down or squealing. She'd save that for later, when she was at home with May and had no reason to be embarrassed. If she did that here, Lord knows how it would all turn out.
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