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Shattering Glass [Huor]

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Shattering Glass [Huor]

Post by King Tyrannus on Tue Jun 11, 2013 1:56 am

It had rained recently, the puddles that had formed in the cobblestone streets seemed to be as back as the sky. Heavy clouds threatened to open up and pour again, their thick shapes blotting out any sign of light above them. While the Shadow Citadel wasn't always the most pleasant of vacation getaways, normally there was some kind of light filtering through. Today wasn’t one of those days, and even the townsfolk knew it. They were huddled away in their homes, the homeless cured under any kind of shelter they could find. Even the guards seemed gloomy as the plodded along on either horse back or by foot.

The Throne room loomed in all its magnificent glory, the glass obsidian playing reflective tricks with the light as the fire spat angrily from its leach in the centre of the room. The windows weren’t letting in much light, instead they just casted faint purple colour on the floor at their feet. Guards were stationed at their posts, half hidden by the shadows. The main source of life was the fire, for it had been stocked up to replace the lack of outdoor lighting.

”You WHAT?!”
Tyrannus was as unhappy as the weather. His fist crashed through the closest pillar within reach in his fury. The obsidian shattered just off centre, bits beginning to slide to the floor and show the grey stone beneath.
”They were PEASANTS.”
Two soldiers, by the look of them, were taking a knee in front of the throne as their King prowled around.
”I send you to complete one task… It was not even the most complicated of jobs was it gentlemen?”
They two tried to stammer something comprehensible, but failed miserably.
”Get out of my sight.” He said smoothly, walking back to his throne with his hands clasped behind him. The two soldiers looked at each other, before scrambling to their feet. With a hasty bow, they left in a hurry.

It wasn’t worth it, to be honest. He would deal with their incompetence later. Silence resumed in the room as he took his seat. A guard approached, the echo of his footsteps breaking the silence like Tyrannus’ hand had broke the pillar.
“Your majesty. There is a guest wishing an audience with you.”

This much was interesting, and had spiked the King’s attention. Not many did that. ”Very well…... Let him in.”
King Tyrannus

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Re: Shattering Glass [Huor]

Post by Huor Arcamanel on Wed Jun 12, 2013 5:50 pm

After standing patiently outside the doors, and wincing a little when he heard the shouts of rage coming from the other side, Huor was finally allowed to step into the throne room of the Shadow Citadel. His breath started to quicken a little from excitement. It had taken a long time to get here, leaving the Sniegsmetsä Forest and travelling through the plains, followed by a long trek through the mountains. He'd had assistance from strangers he met, of course, but ensured none of them would live to tell others that he passed this way. And now, finally, he had made it to the Shadow Citadel. Being an Elf, he'd drawn some threatening looks from the people who lived here, but he paid them no heed. Thankfully he was able to get to where he was now relatively unchallenged. The fact that he had to wait outside until the King was finished with another matter was only a slight annoyance. But it had all been worth it in the end.

His footsteps sounded quietly throughout the throne room as he made his way past the obsidian columns. The effect of the windows' light was fascinating, but he managed not to get too distracted. He kept his eyes fixed in front of him, looking at his destination. It seemed to draw out for an eternity, but at last, he was standing before King Tyrannus himself. Of course he'd heard the stories and tales told in Armonía, but they didn't do him justice. They hadn't quite prepared the Elf for this. Taking a breath, he bowed low at his waist.

"Your majesty," he greeted the king as he stood up straight again. "Thank you for seeing me. I am Huor Arcamanel, and I come from the Citadel of Armonía. Well, I used to, at least. It's somewhat of a long story. But I am an exile, and have no great love for any of Armonía's peoples. Particularly humans. I have heard many tales about you, your majesty, and I admire you greatly. I have come here to offer you my services. As a spy, a magician, a warrior. Whatever you deem fit."
Huor Arcamanel

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Re: Shattering Glass [Huor]

Post by King Tyrannus on Thu Jun 13, 2013 7:20 am

A deep an dark sounding laugh echoed through the hall, almost as loud as the elf's footsteps. Seeing the approaching figure seemed amusing to the King, and he sat forward in his throne, drumming his fingers together.
The elf didn't seem as nervous, or 'shakey' as most were upon basking in his presence, then again they never really asked to come forward. This was what struck him as interesting; Huor seemed more awed and excited than he was terrified. He showed curiosity, determination, and .... manners.

His laughter turned into a dark chuckle as the King sat back and took on a slightly smoky frame, just for added effect. His laughter stopped as the elf started speaking and mentioned Armonia. Yes, he had the stench of 'their' land, in fact he quite looked like he was from the other side of the border... not necessarily by means of clothing, but by the way he walked. He walked with such confidence and pride, while people here usually didn't. 

Exile? What ever for? This meant the King had digging to do. How he may use Huor's abilities may depend on how he was exiled; he had no use for untrustworthy spies or warriors. While he had no fear for living beings, he did not take the idea of having his information spoiled.

He waited politely until the elf had finished, and chuckled darkly. He gestured to the hall with an open palm.
"Tell me, Huor Arcamanel, when you look around you what do you see?"
King Tyrannus

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Re: Shattering Glass [Huor]

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