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King Tyrannus

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King Tyrannus

Post by King Tyrannus on Fri Mar 08, 2013 9:05 am

Tyrannus Illordul
Here's Another Photo

Nickname/s: My Lord, King Tyrannus,
Age/DOB: Unknown, but some people say several hundred. He’s been around since the beginning of the war, and the creation of the Darkvoid Provinces.

Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Straight
Play By: Because he has no real face, I will say VOICED BY: Charlie Adley (As Commander Cobra: GIJoe: Resolute) Click HERE for an example!

Ghost / Human

Occupation: King
Current Residence: The Shadow Citadel

"Oh Death... Oh death... Won't you spare my over another day..."

Once a mighty human warrior, Tyrannus was driven insane with his lust for power. Despite his dislike for magic, he commanded witches and wizards to make him a god.  The resulting sorcery tore his body away to scraps, and for the longest time people thought he was dead. However, his soul was still alive, and reformed as a mighty power and with such driven hatred that he instantly gained respect and power over men by fear and promises of a new land.

Rising a massive army, he led an attack against the King of Armonia and succeeded in making them flee. Claiming the castle and lands on the mountainous side, he corrupted the soils into a massive wasteland. Soldiers who had seen him fight swore he was a god; his skills in combat and merciless soul definitely made him stand out as an impressive warlord.

Once taking his throne, he hired an assassin to ensure that the wizards and witches that had transformed him were killed, fr reasons which were his own. One by one they were brought before him, tortured, and killed with an exception of one. The only female on the 'team', Maleficent, was released. While the King didn't need to have a reason for doing as he pleased, he still passed the word around that there was more pressing matters. Once the task was done, he reorganized the land to his fit, choosing only his loyal and trustworthy colleagues as his lords.

He is often seen with his familiar, a horrifying looking dragon with a reputation similar to that of it's master. He and the creature have been through the whole ordeal together, and have created a strong bond. This creature is referred to as, Morgoro and is the size of a large dog.

"No wealth, No ruin, No silver, No gold... Nothing satisfies me but your soul..."

Tyrannus literally thinks he is a god among men. His ego and pride is so easily noticeable by the way he holds his head and posture. He loves it when people bow to him and beg at his feet. Even though he may seem disgusted, secretly he loves it. Defiance against his might seems petty and juvenile.

On the battle field, or even sitting on his throne, Tyrannus has absolutely no mercy. There is no pity or forgiveness, and he enjoys building up hope only to crush it later on. He is an excellent strategist, always thinking three steps ahead; very omniscient.

While he loves torture and crushing hope, Tyrannus does love a good ball or a party. He’s quite sociable when he feels like it, and if you didn’t know he was an evil warlord, you would think he was quite the romantic!

He always appears to be singing this one song, almost like he models either himself off the song or the song off of himself. Be he often humms it alone, sort of like his own theme song.
~The Highblood's Lullaby

"But what is this that I can't see, With ice cold hands taken hold of me..."

Abilities (aside from combat):
Being a ghost, or more of a possessed being, he has a few specific qualities. He has no physical shape, appearing to have no distinct features; his face is and body is shadows. Thus being said, he can temporarily shift to a cloudy smoke that drifts heavily (it does require energy, which he doesn’t show due to his massive pride). He tends to use this ability to strike even more fear, by letting arrows slide right through his smoky body, or floating to certain spots instead of walking. He likes to make an entrance, so arrive as a shadow cloud morphing to his shape puts quite the show!
((An example of this 'smokey shifting' is similar to the way Eris: the Goddess of Discord was animated in DreamWorks' Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas.))

Because he still manages to hold a shape, he can be cut and injured if he is not careful. When cut, he bleeds a black sticky like substance that is actually a strong toxin. It penetrates through open cuts, wounds, or some way directly to the blood stream. It involves sickness, weakness, and may lead to death.

"When God is gone and the devil takes hold, Who'll have mercy on your soul?..."

Alias: King Tyrannus
Existing Member Who Referred You: Sicarius….
Means of Contact/s: Sicarius, or by PM
Other Characters: Sicarius
King Tyrannus

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Re: King Tyrannus

Post by Arielle Riviera on Fri Mar 08, 2013 9:15 am

*shudders before composing herself* Welcome, Sir. I do hope that our paths never have to cross.

Added; you're free to rp! Smile Loved your bio!

Arielle Riviera

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Re: King Tyrannus

Post by Malthael on Fri Mar 08, 2013 9:24 am

*Form changes to his spirit form* I am Malthael, I have seen your evils, I shall not rest till you perish, I do not forget, I do not forgive, vengeance is demanded against you, and even if it is the last thing I preform, it will be delivered.

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Re: King Tyrannus

Post by King Tyrannus on Fri Mar 08, 2013 9:27 am

Oh contrair fair mermaid maiden, I hope our paths do meet.

As for you, fellow spirit, your threats are as petty as your existance....
King Tyrannus

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Re: King Tyrannus

Post by Guest on Fri Mar 08, 2013 9:31 am

*Death glares Tryannus* Mobilize the armed forces, be ready to kill this bastard the moment he steps foot in the Neptune sea's DO NOT GIVE HIM A INCH! Now Arielle, don't fear this guy, I am sure he is just all talk and won't have anything to back up his threats.


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Re: King Tyrannus

Post by Sponsored content

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