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The Two Citadels and Neptune Ocean

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The Two Citadels and Neptune Ocean

Post by Arielle Riviera on Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:02 am

Here in Ziemia there are two citadels, located at opposite ends of each other. On one side, there's the Glowing Citadel. This is part of Armonia. On the other side, there is the Shadow Citadel, which is part of the Darkvoid Provinces.

The two citadels have been at war with each other for as long as anyone can remember. The Shadow Citadel is home to the 'Dark Races' - Orcs and Goblins, just to name a few. The witches and wizards here are the sort that revel in torture and wouldn't bat an eye at hurting the innocent. Same goes for the faeries around the city - they are just as dark and evil as the city they inhabit.

The Shadow Citadel has been creating problems for Armonia for years. It has been home to such witches such as Maleficent and Gothel; who cursed and kidnapped the King's daughters, respectively.

The Darkvoid Provinces have taken over Wonderland, making a new citadel there. The Hatter reminisces to Alice on the battle:
"After you left, we were OK, for a time. Great, in fact. But, then, they started arriving. The Dark-Ones, they're called here. But they came, and they ravaged the land, rumor has it that they're fleeing from an even greater evil. But, either way, first the fringes of Wonderland began to whither with their presence - they exude an evil force that kills all life, apart from themselves and each-other.

"The White Queen sent her armies, even I fought against them. But if you managed to clear an area, they would be back within the day - meaner, angrier. The ground whithers at their touch, the citizens of Wonderland kept fighting.

"Eventually, we were pushed so hard that the King of Armonia, whom you will have the great pleasure to find out more about later, sent his armies, thousands strong, to garrison the slowly retreating border.

"For a time, it worked. The fortresses that we created for them, manned by his troops, were strong.
But even they became over-run with time, the fortresses themselves dying with the constant attacks by the dark-ones' with their poison.

"Our people fled. We couldn't hold them back once the fortresses crumbled. And so, slowly, Wonderland died. Now, it's known as the barren wastes, and roaming bands of Dark-Ones inhabit the desert. The old castle has become tainted with evil, and is now home to the leader of those Dark-Ones. The Dark Citadel, the King's Men call it.

"The only thing that's holding them out of our little corner of Ziemia is the passage between the barrens and this land. With the time we gave him (he said, bitter, with a dark shadow over his face), he created mighty stone castles, a wall that reaches up and up so that one can barely see the very top.

"And so, the citizens of Wonderland are now citizens of Armonia, or inhabit the deep forests that surround her. I've heard the White Rabbit is serving under the King himself!"
The Shadow Citadel, as you can see, is the home of all evil in Ziemia. Everything that is beyond the mountains is considered part of it.

Now we get onto Neptune Ocean. It is not counted as a separate city from Armonia. However it does have its own King that rules it. In the past, the two kingdoms have been at war which resulted in a stalemate, upon which a peace treaty was signed.

However the relationship between the two kingdoms is rather strained, especially after the drama surrounding Triton's youngest daughter and the King's son, which furthered Triton's xenophobic views. However the two kingdoms cooperate and despite Triton recently staging military exercises near the borders as a show of strength, outright war is highly unlikely to happen again.

Though Triton's kingdom hasn't been affected by the Shadow Citadel, Triton would be willing to help the King if needed (albeit somewhat reluctantly).

Arielle Riviera

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