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Lesson in Life [Lisette]

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Lesson in Life [Lisette]

Post by Kiara on Tue Oct 02, 2012 5:06 am

Kiara had to stand on the tip of her toes to write at the top of her blackboard. As she wrote, she lectured to the class-full of students behind her. Not many were bright, but at least the ones that were made it worth the effort.

"Now, listen closely. For magic, you don't have to say the words aloud. Certainly with the beings that have a greater intwinement with the energies of the word, the words do not have a real impact.

"In humans, many say 'magic' words only as a concentration exercise, to focus their mind on the image and feeling of what they are attempting to do with the magic. This association is what allows the less magically inclined species to still have a modicum of control over the energy that is within them."

She paused until the scratching of pencils on paper was a mere whisper. She turned to the class, put her hands on the desk, and leaned down to eye level with the front row of the class, her eyes on one student in particular. With a smile, she kindly asked her,

"Lisette, why is it that we humans need to learn the words, while the other species can just conjour out of nothing?"

She allowed her cleavage to show just a little bit. It was exciting, and she was kind of cute...

She let a cheeky smile play on her face, her eyebrows in a pout-y frown, while the girl began to stutter through her response.

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Re: Lesson in Life [Lisette]

Post by Lisette Draíochta on Tue Oct 02, 2012 6:04 am

Looking up from the notes she was silently scratching in her notebook, Lisette glanced up at the blackboard to read the lines her tutor was currently writing up. Biting her lip gently, she tried to drag her hazel eyes away from Kiara's form-hugging dress. She always wears the most amazing clothes...

She enjoyed these classes. They were a nice break from the swordsmanship classes she usually took. Those were fun. Learning new techniques and getting to spar were always a great way to spend the day. But this was the complete opposite end of the scale, and the blonde thoroughly enjoyed learning all about magic. She wasn't amazing at the subject, but she enjoyed it, and wasn't that what really mattered after all?

Turning her eyes back to her notes, she read over what she'd written, trying to concentrate. Upon hearing her name being said, she looked up, attempting not to look like a deer caught in headlights.

"B-because um..." The blonde cleared her throat to steady herself, her cheeks turning a delicate shade of pink. Her teacher held Lisette's utmost respect, and besides which, Kiara was beautiful. No, not beautiful - gorgeous.

Concentrate, Lisette, concentrate...

"Because other species are more in-tune with the energies of both the words and with the world around them...?" she replied, her voice trailing off into a question, eyes holding the female's gaze.

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Re: Lesson in Life [Lisette]

Post by Kiara on Tue Oct 02, 2012 6:25 am


"You silly girl, Lisette..."
She shook her head, allowing her hair to fall over her face. She pushed herself from the slouch over her desk, and walked over to the poor girl.

She looks like a deer in front of a fireball, poor thing...

"They don't need the words, they can just picture what they need to do and it happens. Their energies can transfer out of their bodies into physical forms with a lot less hassle than Humans - we need to concentrate on what we're trying to accomplish. Our energies are a lot more locked in.
"There's a reason the older races often refer to Humans as the "un-enlightened". The majority of us cannot even unlock the power within us. But, those that do often take a lot longer to wear out, after practice.
"That's why humans power the city's ADMIN, and why our magicians are held with utmost respect. We have to FIGHT for our abilities. The elves, the dwarves, and other elder races take it for granted, it comes easily to them. We have a much deeper interest and respect."

Her cheeks were flared now after her passionate rant, she found herself strutting back and forth in front of the lecture hall's thirty students. She could feel her dress slink off of her hips, her bosom flared with anger.

Ah, the unpleasant memories of her school years. Before the classes were separated into houses. The constant teasing for being the only human in the class. The driving need for success.

She looked out to the class and smiled.

"Anyway, that's all for today. Lisette, I want to see you in my office immediately, please.

"And remember, you have homework. I want you all to memorise the words for flames, sparks, and minor protection. Pages 50 to 62, for those of you that have forgotten..." She made sure to put a sarcastic tone to the last word. She knew damn well that they knew what to do, some of them just needed poking with a stick before they got to work.

She knew that Lisette's eyes would follow her to her office while the rest of the students rushed for the door. She allowed herself to relax a little, and with a hidden smile she ran a hand down her side, to her hip, and swung her bum out of the side with a teasing posture; lifting her leg and looking back with a grin, her eyes glowing brightly with the electricity she loved to control.

as she swung open the door to her tidy little office, she heard the quiet steps of the girl behind her. She left the door open, posed against the desk with her legs slightly apart, accenting her breasts and hips, leaning back on her hands.

Let's have a bit of fun teasing...

She smiled to herself, and blushed a little; the girl was so pretty, the way her cheeks had flared with embarrassment when she had been caught staring at her tutor's ass. Kiara couldn't help but grin, she knew exactly what affect she had on her students, and she loved exploiting their crushes for the rush of joy that came with teasing and playing with the more attractive students in her class.

As the girl came closer, she looked up, cleared her throat, and smiled at the door.
"Now, Lisette, is there something you need to say to me..?"
She allowed her chest to flare a little with warmth, and stomped on the butterflies that were in her throat as the beautiful girl came in.

Careful, Kiara..!

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Re: Lesson in Life [Lisette]

Post by Lisette Draíochta on Tue Oct 02, 2012 7:21 am

The blonde lowered her head at the gentle telling off, staring down at her notes. She never enjoyed being told off, mainly because it made her feel dumber than she was. Especially when the ensuing answer or correction seemed like the most obvious answer out there.

She couldn't keep her nose in her notebook forever, and moments later her eyes found Kiara, watching her teacher pacing back and forth as she spoke, fire and passion in her eyes over her words. That was one of the things that Lisette admired in the woman - her undeniable passion for the subject she taught. It was entrancing, watching her now.

She's off-limits. Stop it. Stop it now...

She thought over Kiara's words, how other races took their powers for granted. How unfair, to take something for granted and then belittle those who fully appreciate the intricacy of magic. No wonder humans and other magic-folk didn't always see eye-to-eye...

As her teacher announced the end of class, Lisette began to gather her things, pausing when she heard the calm order to be seen by Kiara in her office. Making a quick note of tonight's homework, the student began to pack up her things. Why would Kiara need to see her? Was she in trouble?

These thoughts swirled around in her mind as she walked with Kiara to her office. She wasn't distracted enough by them to miss the teasing way her tutor, however. The crushes that almost the entire class had on their teacher was hardly a secret. Lisette knew that Kiara knew all about the crushes, and it seemed that she rather enjoyed the power that came with the knowledge. Certainly the raven-haired female couldn't be accused of discouraging such crushes. Especially with the way she teased; her poses, her alluring outfits.

Lisette smoothed her skirt as she waited for the beautiful female to speak, suddenly feeling a tad under-dressed in comparison to Kiara's expensively tailored dress. The hours that Iridessa must have put into that outfit... She pulled at the hem of her skirt, attempting not to look at her teacher. A very futile battle and a battle that she quickly lost.

At Kiara's words, she allowed a small sheepish grin to pass her lips. "Um, sorry for being distracted?" she replied softly. After all, what else could she say? Sorry you caught me staring at your gorgeous self? Yeah, that would go down a treat...

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Re: Lesson in Life [Lisette]

Post by Kiara on Tue Oct 02, 2012 7:35 am

The woman grinned as the girl stood before her, embarrassed, tugging at her skirt with an obvious blush across her chest and cheeks.

Kiara couldn't help but cross her legs and rejoice in the butterflies that seeing such a perfect creature gave. She was beautiful, soft, and very very pretty...

Oh, what I could do to break her innocence...

The teacher bit her lip, slamming the thought down into the ground immediately.

NO! She's off limits... She's a student...

Standing up as she heard the little squeak of a response, she walked the behind the student. She ran her nails across the nape of the girl's neck, her chest rising with the energy that greeted her fingers. What a rush!

She stalked back in front of the unfortunate, and bent down to eye level. She loved the feeling of power that came with heels, the ability to look down and seem so much more dominant...

With a grin, she looks Lisette in the eyes, then whispered in her most alluring voice directly in the girl's ear,
"You should get more sleep, Lisette.. I caught you far too easily today. You've been practicing swordplay and not doing your readings again, haven't you?"

She stood back up in full, allowing her glowing eyes to look deep into her student's.. Blinking rapidly and seductively, she couldn't help but blush a little at how gorgeous the girl before her was..

Ooh, don't you have too much fun.. her mind teased silently.

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Re: Lesson in Life [Lisette]

Post by Lisette Draíochta on Tue Oct 02, 2012 8:12 am

Lisette tried to quiet the butterflies that were quickly beginning to dance in the pit of the girl's stomach. The butterflies refused to be quieted.

She watched as her teacher bit her lip, musing what it would be like to kiss those soft, full lips.

She's your teacher, stop it...!

The softest of gasps escaped the blonde's lips as the older female's fingers grazed her neck, sending shivers down the girl's spine. Now that was just cruel... She tried to steady her breathing, tried to wipe the blush off her cheeks, but her body decided that being uncooperative was the best way to go today.

"N-no, I've been doing my readings," she softly defended herself. "It's just that Elendíl is currently putting us through extra training..."

Her breath caught in her throat as Kiara looked deep into her eyes. Lisette could safely say that she had never seen such beautiful eyes before. They were captivating; she could happily get lost in them for a good many hours.

Surprise flitted through her hazel orbs as she noticed Kiara's blush. She's simply teasing you, don't read too far into this...

"I do promise to get all of tonight's stuff done though," she added, giving a slight smile. She always felt so meek around this powerful female. Why? No one had this effect on her - to the rest of the world she was tough and no-nonsense. And yet this female could turn her into a blushing school girl with only the merest of looks. How was that even possible?

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Re: Lesson in Life [Lisette]

Post by Kiara on Tue Oct 02, 2012 8:32 am

Kiara whirled around, started walking towards the door with a flick of her hair, letting off a burst of scent using a tiny bit of magic - the smell of blossoms, just a faint aroma.

"Alright Lisette," she said quietly, "Head on home. You have plenty of study to do and even the archmages can't add the hours you don't have to the day for it!"

She looked back with a warm smile, fixing the school girl with her gaze as she flicked the candles out with a breath of 'inspired' wind, which she sent whirling around the girl's neck and into the flame.

She had to take a deep breath - Gods this showing off is getting harder... she thought to herself, allowing the warmth of her rings re-invigorate her.

Her eyes lit up the dark with an electric blue - the sun had set an hour ago, and the energy she kept running through her system caused this odd side-effect.

"Are you coming?" she asked, reaching out and touching the girl's fingers gently, drawing her towards the door.

If she doesn't remember that, I'll be amazed she thought to herself, allowing some energy to transfer through her fingers to the girl, feeling the buzz of pins-and-needles in her fingertips, a happy rush of ecstasy that came with sharing her energy with another, beautiful, person.

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Re: Lesson in Life [Lisette]

Post by Lisette Draíochta on Fri Oct 12, 2012 2:30 pm

Lisette bit her lip as the sweet aroma of Kiara's perfume. Please, stop. This is just cruel... Every ounce of self-control that the blonde possessed was now being used not to launch herself at the gorgeous female and try to kiss her. Not only would that be inappropriate, but chances were that Kiara would simply laugh at her and not let her anyway.

As the brunette's fingers touched hers, Lisette's breath caught in her throat. Her skin, it's so soft... Like what butterfly wings would feel like. "Yep..." her voice came out as nothing more than a squeak. Her cheeks burning red, Lisette cleared her throat, then simply nodded mutely.

This was torture... But it was Kiara's torture. And that was so much better.

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Re: Lesson in Life [Lisette]

Post by Kiara on Fri Oct 12, 2012 2:52 pm



Kiara was scribbling, mindlessly marking papers that had been handed in this morning. Her class was hard at work, accurately copying the runes that she had chalked up onto the board. They were fairly basic, Wind and Energy runes that allowed the dabblers of magic to conjure simple spells.

Today's dress - a white corset with lightning-blue touches, on the decorative features, little bows and fabric detailing, with sewn in patterns. Her skirt was a similar blue. All of this to match a little bow in her hair. The seamstress has out-done herself this time... the woman thought, resting her head on her hand, elbow on her desk, staring into the distance...

She noticed earlier a couple of people had mucked up some pretty basic answers surrounding magic and the Shadow-land Peoples or Ziemia. She sighed. She had to deal with it. Goody.

You could always pretend she's done something wrong..

She glanced at the pretty girl in the front row, Lisette, right?...

She looked at the clock on the wall, two minutes to go.

"Right then, class. I want to see Mark, Taylor, and Lisette at my desk. Mark, don't think you can get away easily, I have my eye on you." She said, her voice raised over the spontaneous din that came with the students packing everything away.

"I want you to practice these runes religiously tonight. Practice makes perfect. Without these runes, you can't hope to do even the most simple conjure, remember, and they have to be perfect.." She stressed the last word, it was well-known that if a rune was wrong, the chance for things to literally explode into a caster's face was far too common..

As the rest of the students left, the two boys came up to the desk.

"Did you two do your readings? Don't lie to me..." She had her hands on her hips, a frown on her face. She let lightning crackle from her fingers for extra effect.

One looked down and stammered, straight away,
"No ma'am, we didn't. We went for a walk with a couple of the girls from the Fae class, I'm sorry miss..."

"Get out of my sight, the both of you, and DO YOUR READINGS...Now... Lisette!!!" She said, shouting that the two lads, and loudly calling the girl's name.

As the boys jostled each other, exiting the room, she heard soft footsteps move towards her..

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Re: Lesson in Life [Lisette]

Post by Lisette Draíochta on Fri Oct 12, 2012 3:26 pm

Mind wondering as to how much longer was left of the class, Lisette looked up from her notes. No, idiot, keep your mind on your work. A smile played on her lips as she momentarily watched the other students, scribbling desperately to finish before the class was out.

Finishing the last rune in her book, Lisette chewed on her pencil. Her mind and eyes, as usual, were slowly drawn to Kiara, like moths to a lantern. Don't look at her. Get back to your work! her mind pleaded with her.

Too late... The older female looked simply stunning today. Other days she looked beautiful. But today she looked stunning. Iridessa must have such fun, coming up with such beautiful creations. As the other students struggled to finish their work on time, Lisette's eyes moved to Kiara's corset, eyes following the bows and detailing up to the creamy pale cleavage...

STOP IT! She's your teacher!


She bit her lip, hearing her name get called for the ones to stay behind. This could be fun... She knew that the teacher couldn't be keeping her back because of her test; she'd studied long and hard in preparation, there was no way she could have failed.

She packed her things up, extra slowly, just waiting for the boys to be sent away. Finally, she heard their retreating footsteps, heard Kiara call her name. "Yes, Ma'am?" she replied softly, making her way towards the beautiful brunette.

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Re: Lesson in Life [Lisette]

Post by Kiara on Fri Oct 12, 2012 3:49 pm

Kiara looked at the girl, smiling.

"I was impressed with your test, you did well. Probably one of the best here, which I'm surprised about, considering your devotion to the other subjects..."

Kiara wandered closer to the girl, her high heels clacking against the solid marble floor.

"I noticed you finished early too.." The woman winked, smiled, and touched Lisette's hand.

"Lisette.." She whispered in the girl's ear...
"Is there something you want to talk about? You've seemed distracted recently. No that it has affected your work, but I'm mightily curious.. Is everything ok?"

She withdrew from the girl and came to a stop in front of her. She leaned down to eye level, making eye contact, brushing some of the girl's fringe gently from her face, letting her fingertips barely touch her cheek, her ear.

Gosh she's so soft...

She took a hold of the girl's hand, looked deep into her eyes..

"I know what's going on at home, you can talk to me about it if you want.. I'd like to think you can trust me.." She smiled warmly, hoping the girl would open out to her.
"It's a hard position you're in, and I'd like to offer you some help."

The girl's wide eyes were simply intoxicating, and holding her hand, Kiara could feel the soft skin, the long nails... She tickled a little on the girl's wrist, drew circles in her palm. It was nice to have someone so beautiful so close, and to be able to offer them care and support... Well, she was being a little selfish, she only had two beds at home... Who knew what would happen?

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Re: Lesson in Life [Lisette]

Post by Lisette Draíochta on Sun Nov 18, 2012 4:43 pm

Lisette is not here right now, please leave a written message and she'll get back to you as soon as possible... Her mind couldn't think straight. It was as if someone had hit her with a freezing spell. Or a brain-mush spell, if such a spell had existed.

Get a grip, Draíochta. Just get a grip. Get your head out of the clouds and please return back to Armonía right now!

'I know what's going on at home' - those words snapped the girl back into reality faster than any self-chiding could.

"You heard, huh?" She straightened her pigtails nervously, trying to come up with an explanation. Not that she wanted to - at school at least she wanted to pretend to have a normal outside-life. When she couldn't think of anything, she gave a sigh. "Altaira and I are about to get evicted from our house, because we're barely managing to get enough for the rent each week. Alora's been having financial troubles so she can barely afford to keep Ally working there. She's only keeping her there because Al loves the horses so much and it's her escape from the world. As for me," she couldn't help the resigned sigh that escaped her lips, "it's at the point where I'll have to pick - be at school yet be homeless, or work full-time and have to leave school."

The circles Kiara was drawing on her palm was extremely soothing right now. The blonde was at her breaking point; she'd been able to hold it in for so long but now it all came splashing out. Lisette detested showing any of emotions, especially the 'weak' ones such as fear. But right now she couldn't help it. She was stressed and she worried about her and Altaira's future. "Kiara I just really don't know what to do," the blonde whispered as she looked up at the beautiful brunette, her hazel eyes sparkling with unshed tears.

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Re: Lesson in Life [Lisette]

Post by Kiara on Tue Nov 27, 2012 7:37 pm

"Aww, honey... Why didn't you say earlier?" She let her voice drip honey, and carried on with her drawings in the palm of the girl's hand. "I can always help. Stay with me.?" She moved around, running her nails along her arm, across the girl's back, putting her hands on the girl's shoulders. Leaning forward, she let her hair drape down by the girl's nose, and nuzzled her ear. "You'll be alright.." she whispered softly, rubbing her hands on lisette's shoulders. "Come stay with me.. you and your sister will be well looked after!"

She whirled in front of the student, her blue skirt tightly hugging her form. Leaning down slowly, she took the girl's face in her hands, and lifted her chin. Her cleavage spilled happily out, showing off. Her smile was cheeky, her eyes full of light. "I only have the one bed, but I'm sure I can fit you two in the house. I'll keep you two looked after."

She winked widely, and stood tall once again. "Think about it, it's up to you two."

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Re: Lesson in Life [Lisette]

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